Song Premiere: “Never Afraid”
+ Daytrotter Picks

“We’ve thought it for years now, but Bo and the Locomotive continue
to be one of the best bands in St. Louis, and this new batch of songs
does nothing to diminish our fondness for them.”

Song Debut: “Pistol” + Q&A

“It feels like a testament to Bo and the Locomotive’s maturation since their
debut On My Way, Jackson’s vocals coming in richly and without hesitation,
in between threads of bright organ, electric guitar, and resonant piano.”

St. Louis’ Bo and the Locomotive Is Poised for the National Stage
“Every great band has a story about the time it turned the corner,
when something magical happened that brought its members’ dreams
of creativity and stardom just a little closer.”


Song of the Day: “Never Afraid”
“With an unstoppable synth hook, hard-charging guitars and a refreshingly
vulnerable portrait of romantic bliss … “Never Afraid” by Bo and the Locomotive
is as good as the St. Louis band has ever sounded.”